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October 206, 2014 update: The Lifthere Models 1/72 Cessna 195, has beeb selling very quickly. I only have 5 of these left on the shelf, as of this morning. To order one, go to the 1/72 Civilian Aircraft Models page. ONCE THESE 5 KITS ARE GONE, I MAY NOT HAVE NEW STOCK UNTIL AFTER CHRISTMAS.
October 16, 2014 news update: The first shipment of Lifthere Model's Cessna 310A kits arrived just two days ago, and already they are gone! This particular model has proven to be so popular, the manufacturer won't be able to restock my next order until November or December. If you wish to order one of these kits from this incoming shipment, I urge you to place a pre-order today. Go to the 1/72 Civilian Aircraft Models page to order.
October 14, 2014 update: Coming in December, Icaerodesign Model's 1/32 Extra 330SC with decals for Jeff Boerboon's airplane! Also, metal legs will become available as an upgrade for the Icaerodesign Model's Extra 330SC!!
October 10th, update: HPH Models has released a 1/32 DH Sea Hornet! This comes after their earlier released DH 103 Hornet.
Coming in November: Mike Herrill will be marketing a 1/72 Lockheed R6V Constitution!
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